Save a Tree…Write a Blog

I noticed not a lot of people know what it means to be a blogger.  “One who blogs; a blog is a website where one can write commentary or picture entries  that are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.”

I have recently found that my party talk has turned into me talking about my blog.  Many people think a blog is just an online diary. It’s so much more than that. Blogging has become so influential that not only are we learning about it in school, but also informing my drinking buddies.

There are millions of blogs on the Web. Some people become professional bloggers and get paid for their writing skills.  You know who Perez Hilton is, right? Check out Forbes top blogger list. Blogging has never been bigger. Many people religiously check certain blogs daily.

Journalist now have to keep blogs and have to keep it decent or else they could get fired for inappropriate material.

Don’t be scared to create one. Just write and see what happens. You never know what ideas or opinions could come to you. Maybe one day your blog could be in Technorati’s Top 100 blogs.

Hopefully, my blog will get a million hits in one day.

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  1. i agree blogging is great, it’s helped me communicate with my friends on a totally different level 🙂

  2. I had thought about writing a blog for a year before getting started. I wish I had started sooner and not waited so long.

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