Happily Ever After

A Prince gets married and a villain is killed. It’s a Disney movie here on Earth.  Congrats to Prince William and his beautiful bride, Kate. Also, congrats to Barack Obama and his administration.

I am so glad the death of Osama Bin Laden has finally been announced under Barack Obama’s presidency. He will be up for re-election in a year, so vote! I think justice was served when the Navy Seals shot and killed Osama Bin Laden in that dirty compound he was slumping in for ten years.

Americans should be rejoicing just as I am. I understand everyone wants proof because of all the conspiracy theories that came about during Bush’s administration, but America, I am sorry to say, you won’t get it.  I did think, however, that his whole death is a hoax and they really have him captive for now and staged his death. But I guess we will never know.

It would have been uproar if we did capture him. Al Quada  would be going mad trying to kidnap Americans and Brits all over the place, trying to ransom him out of captivity. That’s why they staged his death and secretly have him in one of their scary, concrete block interrogation rooms. This is my conspiracy theory. (LOL)

Enough of that, it was a wonderful weekend here on Earth. A great number of points awarded to my new monarch and my old democracy. Kudos to you. xx


My Search for a Job

I leave to London in approximately 7 months and I need to find a job. I am leaving Tampa, Florida where I thought I would have tons of connections to get me a great job fresh out of college, but that’s not the case. So what now? Is the question that seems to boggle every graduating college student. I am thinking that eagerly searching online is the first step and checking to see if I have any useful connections to land me a job.

Let’s see I updated my LinkedIn profile, updated my resume, and signed up for Twitter. Today, I also browsed through U.K.’s Monster.com as well as the American Monster.com. I found nothing that would hire me with my lack of experience. I was unable to intern while in college because I had to work full-time.

Oh, I did however applied to  London Burberry through LinkedIn. I don’t have any fashion experience, so I doubt that would get very far.

Chipotle is opening up in London in April of 2010. At least that is comforting to me. I would really miss Chipotle when I left the states. It’s bad enough the weather sucks and even the residents hate the weather there, but the food won’t be nearly as delicious as here in the states. Maybe I should apply to Chipotle?

I am literally starting fresh in London, I know a handful of people. None that could benefit me in my field, I don’t think. Any suggestions?



Looking for a job?? Of course you are, who isn’t?

Well, if you have a four year degree (yes, that will actually come in handy one day) or at least five years of experience  and have a U.S. Citizenship, The Federal Bureau of Investigaton is hiring 2,000 agents in Tampa.

They are in desperate need for agents and are hiring over 12,000 agents nationwide. Apply today! They also have internship opportunites!

Just think of all the government jobs out there and all of those who didn’t lose their jobs during this recession. This is a great opportunity,  so if you or anyone you know qualifies. Please spread the word. Not just anyone can be an agent, the physical criteria is pretty extensive but check it out.


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No Dan! You Are Amazing!

October 8, 2008

A Student: Shaking Biden’s hand was ‘amazing’

TAMPA — Dan Nguyen came to the Joe Biden speech this morning prepared.

In addition to wearing his Barack Obama T-shirt and toting a campaign sign, the 19-year-old USF student decorated his baseball cap. In white paint on the black fabric, he drew a remarkably accurate depiction of the senator from Illinois.

Nguyen said Biden’s speech inspired him, and he’d work hard to get more people to the polls Nov. 4. But the most inspiring part of all? “I shook his hand,” Nguyen said. “It was amazing.”

Kim Wilmath, Times staff writer

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden shakes hands with people in the crowd after his speech at the USF Sun Dome. (Michael C. Weimar, Times)

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden stops for a quick photograph with people in the crowd after his speech. (Michael C. Weimar, Times)

Prepare to Acknowledge Defeat Hilliary!!

Looks like Obama is knocking out his rival completely. It was just announced by Associated Press that Barack Obama is getting close to acquiring enough delegates to reach that magical number of 2,118.

Barack Obama will be the first black major candidate to lead his party in this campaign in history. I do believe this country is ready for a black man to be president. I do NOT believe that this country is ready for a woman president, though. Suprising to hear from a female’s mouth, huh? Well, it’s true. Americans are ready for change, but not that much change.

Christian Audigier Promotes His New Baby Line with….Britney?!?!?


Have you seen all those cool T-shirts with the skulls, hearts and gems on campus or on the street lately?  Christian Audigier has an amazing clothing line. His brilliant, vintage graphics are modeled after tatoo artist Don Ed Hardy.  It’s a mix of rock n roll meets glam. If you want to turn some heads  then you should invest in this fashion statement.  Everyone who’s who is wearing Christian Audigier.

I believe the Ed Hardy line hit hard recently and it is now catching on in Florida. He recently had a fashion show at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe to promote the Christian Audigier line. It’s a little bit more pricey than the Ed Hardy line.

In People magazine, Monsier Audigier is starting his new baby clothing line…awwww!!

But Britney Spears is pairing up with him on creating the baby clothes!! I wouldn’t say she sets a great example out there for all those hard working moms who still know how to look fabulous all the while wiping up baby vomit.

He should pick someone else to promote his line.  I think anything with Britney on it especially when it comes to children is tainted or dubbed trashy.

How are you going to have the “Worst Mother of the Year” be the spokeperson for your new line of baby clothing?!

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