My Search for a Job

I leave to London in approximately 7 months and I need to find a job. I am leaving Tampa, Florida where I thought I would have tons of connections to get me a great job fresh out of college, but that’s not the case. So what now? Is the question that seems to boggle every graduating college student. I am thinking that eagerly searching online is the first step and checking to see if I have any useful connections to land me a job.

Let’s see I updated my LinkedIn profile, updated my resume, and signed up for Twitter. Today, I also browsed through U.K.’s as well as the American I found nothing that would hire me with my lack of experience. I was unable to intern while in college because I had to work full-time.

Oh, I did however applied to  London Burberry through LinkedIn. I don’t have any fashion experience, so I doubt that would get very far.

Chipotle is opening up in London in April of 2010. At least that is comforting to me. I would really miss Chipotle when I left the states. It’s bad enough the weather sucks and even the residents hate the weather there, but the food won’t be nearly as delicious as here in the states. Maybe I should apply to Chipotle?

I am literally starting fresh in London, I know a handful of people. None that could benefit me in my field, I don’t think. Any suggestions?


‘Goodbye’ to the Old and ‘Hello’ to the New!


USF PRSSA had their elections today! Congratulations to the new executive  board I am sure you will all do a fine job.

The new e-board:

President: Heather McDonald

Vice President:  Sara Page

Editor-in Chief:  Kimberly Brimm

Director of Finances: Drew Slater

Director of Special Events: Lauren Ballard

Director of Marketing: Yolanda Robles

Director of Internal Communications: Athena Montes

I hope all of the new members continue to stay involved in PRSSA and try to become committee heads under each one of these  remarkable and professional individuals. I hope this year’s new e-board benefits as much as the 2008-2009 e-board has.

I will miss my e-board and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to have shared this experience with them. Much love and congratulations again to the new 2009-2010 USF PRSSA executive board.

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MySpace is bilingual!

Wow! MySpace goes Spanish.  MySpace Latino just launched today. You now have the option to view your MySpace account in Spanish. MySpace offers the capabilites to switch backand forth from English to Spanish.

 I think this will be very helpful to those who have trouble understanding written English as well as with computers. I know some of my friends, whose first language is Spanish, just signed onto some social networking sites like Facebook and they cry to me saying they don’t know how to use anything. “I don’t know how to post pictures, Camille!” or “Camille, how do I download that application on your profile?” Now it will be easier for my friends and everyone else who would use it. I would use it just to practice on my Spanish.

I love Hispanic culture. I think more people should make more of an effort to learn the language. Exspecially since it is becoming the most spoken language in the nation next to English. I think more people in Florida should make the extra effort as well, considering the Spanish population is so large down here.

From MTV Tres to MySpace Latino. What next?

Does that mean there will be a  Viva la Facebook?

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