Looking for a job?? Of course you are, who isn’t?

Well, if you have a four year degree (yes, that will actually come in handy one day) or at least five years of experience  and have a U.S. Citizenship, The Federal Bureau of Investigaton is hiring 2,000 agents in Tampa.

They are in desperate need for agents and are hiring over 12,000 agents nationwide. Apply today! They also have internship opportunites!

Just think of all the government jobs out there and all of those who didn’t lose their jobs during this recession. This is a great opportunity,  so if you or anyone you know qualifies. Please spread the word. Not just anyone can be an agent, the physical criteria is pretty extensive but check it out.


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No Dan! You Are Amazing!

October 8, 2008

A Student: Shaking Biden’s hand was ‘amazing’

TAMPA — Dan Nguyen came to the Joe Biden speech this morning prepared.

In addition to wearing his Barack Obama T-shirt and toting a campaign sign, the 19-year-old USF student decorated his baseball cap. In white paint on the black fabric, he drew a remarkably accurate depiction of the senator from Illinois.

Nguyen said Biden’s speech inspired him, and he’d work hard to get more people to the polls Nov. 4. But the most inspiring part of all? “I shook his hand,” Nguyen said. “It was amazing.”

Kim Wilmath, Times staff writer

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden shakes hands with people in the crowd after his speech at the USF Sun Dome. (Michael C. Weimar, Times)

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden stops for a quick photograph with people in the crowd after his speech. (Michael C. Weimar, Times)

True Blood: Sex, Drugs, and Vampires

The new HBO Series, True Blood, is the best drama series on television. It depicts what life would be like if vampires were to “come out of the coffin” or so the expressions goes. This takes place in present-day and vampires have been living in society for the past 2 years.

The show is such a big hit.  What makes it a hit, you ask? Aside from the pornographic subliminal images in the beginning credits, the provocative, intense attraction between Vampire William “Bill” Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, the murder mystery of a serial killer lurking in the fictional small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, the nympho-tendencies of Jason Stackhouse and explicit sex scenes,  I mean what more do I have to say. Sex, drugs ( V-juice), and Vampires. This show is amazing. The characters are hilarious and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Some important characters:

Sookie Stackhouse is the virginal, quick-witted waitress at Merlotte’s who can read minds.

Bill Compton is the sexy vampire who comes back to his hometown of Bon Temps, Louisiana to start his life as a “mainstream” Vampire.

Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s brother, is the male slut of the town who can’t get enough sex, is as dumb as a doornail and is also a prime suspect in the murders of two women.

Tara Thornton is Sookie’s black best friend from childhood and carries a torch in her heart for Jason Stackhouse and is a bartender at Merlotte’s.

Sam Merlotte is the owner of his own restaurant/bar in town and has a huge crush on Sookie. He also growls in his sleep. I believe their is some connection between him and the dog that secretly follows Sookie around.

Lafayette is Tara’s homosexual cousin who deals drugs including V-juice and also works at Merlotte’s as a cook.

Go to HBO.com to watch clips on the background of the show. This show targets all those technology geeks in love with science fiction and all the vampire lovers in the world. The website even has a blog site called BloodCopy linked to it. It describes the beginning of the story of how the vampires decided to go public once the Japanese created synthetic blood for medical reasons. This same synthetic blood vampires can survive off of, True Blood. Served nice and warm at 98.6 degrees. True to its taste.

The show answers all those myths on what can hurt/kill a vampire:

Silver                      TRUE

Garlic                      FALSE

Crosses                  FALSE

Holy water              FALSE

Stake to the heart   TRUE  (I think that could pretty much kill anyone.)

Sunlight                  TRUE

Other questions you might want answered:

Do vampires cry blood?    YES

Do vampires have heightened senses?   YES

Do you have to drain the blood of a human to the point of near death and then the human must feed off a vampire drinking large amounts of their blood in order to become a vampire?   YES

Is vampire blood a drug?  YES, it’s also know as V-juice and makes you “trip out” or hallucinate. You see life on a whole new level. Only consume a drop at a time…or bad things will happen. Sold for about $600 a vile.

Does sunlight kill a vampire?  YES, but very slowly. They do not just vanquish into dust upon exposure.

Do humans who have sex with vampires become vampires too?    NO, the only way to become a vampire is your blood has to be drained almost completely to the point of near death and then you must drink the blood of a vampire in large amounts in order to die and become immortal. Those who seek the companionship of vampires intimately are called “fang-bangers”. They do drink the blood of their vampire partner and the vampire does drink from their companion but that human will never become a vampire. Only if the vampire drains their blood.

Make sure you tune in to HBO on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. HBO runs the show repeatedly throughout the week if you miss it on Sunday. Check your local listings.

Exclusive! Tracy McGrady is Launching a New Fitness Website

TMac has started a new business project. Recently, he has recruited a handful of Harvard students to create a new fitness website where college and high school athletes can have access to professional trainers.

Elite trainers such as Gary Sheffield’s trainer, Micheal Pittman’s trainer, and even Tracy’s very own trainer, Wayne Hall. There will be instructional videos lead by them.

This website will allow young athletes to improve their diets, and workout regimens and even get professional medical advice if injured.

Underprivileged athletes who can’t afford the proper medical attention can have access to how professional athletes treat their injuries.

There will also be software programs that can help them with calculate if they are getting enough protein in their diets and tell them how to achieve their desired weight and build. All they would have to do is enter their body information.

All of this information will be accessible of course for a small price, the amount is still in the works but it could be as low as $5.99 a month!

This project is still underway and is still in the creation stages. On June 25, 2008 Tracy flew those Harvard students into Texas to discuss the project further and to see if they can actually accomplish his venture. I have to say from my sources that it is looking pretty good and we just might see this site up soon.

“One Man” for Change


Barack Obama has adopted a theme song, “One Man” by Jason Joseph for his campaign and I have to say it fits the bill. 


This video really touches my heart and I really beleive this country is ready for a change. Our economy is terrible and gas prices are ridiculous. I am sure everyone is tired of all the complaining. I know I am.

Upon watching the video, it pricked a hole in my heart but listening to that song sparked a new hope.  I truely beleive Obama just might be the answer to all of our prayers. He is really just one man, but he is one man that can bring about change for Americans. Just put aside your differences. We need to do something different, and we need to do it now.

 Jason Joseph, a talented musician, vocalist and songwriter. His style of music is described as “electic soul”: a blend of soul with a mix of hip hop, rock, and more.

Jason recently finished recording his solo studio debut, “Out of Mind: Side A” which was released on June 10, 2008.












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Prepare to Acknowledge Defeat Hilliary!!

Looks like Obama is knocking out his rival completely. It was just announced by Associated Press that Barack Obama is getting close to acquiring enough delegates to reach that magical number of 2,118.

Barack Obama will be the first black major candidate to lead his party in this campaign in history. I do believe this country is ready for a black man to be president. I do NOT believe that this country is ready for a woman president, though. Suprising to hear from a female’s mouth, huh? Well, it’s true. Americans are ready for change, but not that much change.

The Superbowl Comes to Tampa Bay

How great is the Superbowl XLII coming to Raymond James Stadium in Janurary of 2009 going to be for our economy? This will definitely boost Tampa’s spirits. Just a little break from all the high gas prices, and jobless economy.

Well, I attended a meeting at Champ’s Sports Bar and Grill this past Wednesday for Superbowl XLII with the committee throwing this spectacular event. Krista Soroka, who started her own PR firm called Wonder Events, and Amanda Holt, who has been on the committe once before, were both speaking on behalf of the event.

They are both are very experienced in holding such a immense event and will make next year’s Superbowl a memorable one.  I’m talking about free concerts, more publicity, high involvement and much excitment. They are going to paint the town red….white, and blue. With those wonderful NFL colors.

What are we left with once the Superbowl comes into town and traffic demolishes our streets. Well, not only will we have a month long of activities, all the publicity,  and being nationally recognized. Raymond James will be adding a couple thousand more seats for this event as well. A bigger stadium!

Want to know more?  This one-day event will really be a whole month long escapage. Turns out the children’s Gasparilla parade is the week before Superbowl and the adult Gasparilla parade is the weekend after. So mark you calendars people, Tampa bay is in for one magical month!

More parties and events to attend as well. How about the Playboy party or the Maxim party? I want to go to that for sure!

You and your organizations can get involved too. I will post the link soon. So stay tuned for more.

Christian Audigier Promotes His New Baby Line with….Britney?!?!?


Have you seen all those cool T-shirts with the skulls, hearts and gems on campus or on the street lately?  Christian Audigier has an amazing clothing line. His brilliant, vintage graphics are modeled after tatoo artist Don Ed Hardy.  It’s a mix of rock n roll meets glam. If you want to turn some heads  then you should invest in this fashion statement.  Everyone who’s who is wearing Christian Audigier.

I believe the Ed Hardy line hit hard recently and it is now catching on in Florida. He recently had a fashion show at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe to promote the Christian Audigier line. It’s a little bit more pricey than the Ed Hardy line.

In People magazine, Monsier Audigier is starting his new baby clothing line…awwww!!

But Britney Spears is pairing up with him on creating the baby clothes!! I wouldn’t say she sets a great example out there for all those hard working moms who still know how to look fabulous all the while wiping up baby vomit.

He should pick someone else to promote his line.  I think anything with Britney on it especially when it comes to children is tainted or dubbed trashy.

How are you going to have the “Worst Mother of the Year” be the spokeperson for your new line of baby clothing?!

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MySpace is bilingual!

Wow! MySpace goes Spanish.  MySpace Latino just launched today. You now have the option to view your MySpace account in Spanish. MySpace offers the capabilites to switch backand forth from English to Spanish.

 I think this will be very helpful to those who have trouble understanding written English as well as with computers. I know some of my friends, whose first language is Spanish, just signed onto some social networking sites like Facebook and they cry to me saying they don’t know how to use anything. “I don’t know how to post pictures, Camille!” or “Camille, how do I download that application on your profile?” Now it will be easier for my friends and everyone else who would use it. I would use it just to practice on my Spanish.

I love Hispanic culture. I think more people should make more of an effort to learn the language. Exspecially since it is becoming the most spoken language in the nation next to English. I think more people in Florida should make the extra effort as well, considering the Spanish population is so large down here.

From MTV Tres to MySpace Latino. What next?

Does that mean there will be a  Viva la Facebook?

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Filling the really big shoes of “Miss PR”-Meg Roberts

  I am currently a student at the University of South Florida  and I just started the public relations sequence.  I have the great priviledge of having Mr. Batchelor as my gatekeeper into PR and also as my professor in Principles of Public Relations.  I joined PRSSA on campus at the beginning of the semester but I didn’t have much time to get actively involved in many events. Recently, I found a new job that will give me more time during the day to participate in more school activites. Two days ago, I received an email from PRSSA reminding me that elections for e-board were on Thursday and to be sure to attend to vote. There was also an announcement stating that no one had applied for the position of Director of Member Services. I really wanted to get more involved on campus, especially in PRSSA. I sent an email to the contact person asking more about what the position entailed. I continued on posting a new blog (I used to blog anonymously) and checking my email and completing my homework. I turned off my computer without a response from anyone about the position.  Last night, I received a response from the Director of Member Services, Meg, describing the positon. Well, I replied asking her “how do I apply for the postion?” With elections only under 12 hours away, I started searching the PRSSA website on what I should do next. I copy and pasted someone else’s application and filled it out and then submitted it to Meg. Then I had a flash back of something Mr. Batchelor had said. One day, he talked about the infamous Meg Roberts and her amazing blog and how people from other universities know her by name and that we should really read her blog. Well, I had previously read her blogs before and at that very moment I realized that the positon that I just applied for was Meg Roberts! I quickly went back to my inbox only to confirm that it was her who had sent me the email. I couldn’t believe it and I am still a little baffled at the whole situation, only because I have some really big shoes to fill. Yes, you guessed it, lil ol’ me is the new Director of Member Services for PRSSA at the University of South Florida. So, Hello World!!

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