The Superbowl Comes to Tampa Bay

How great is the Superbowl XLII coming to Raymond James Stadium in Janurary of 2009 going to be for our economy? This will definitely boost Tampa’s spirits. Just a little break from all the high gas prices, and jobless economy.

Well, I attended a meeting at Champ’s Sports Bar and Grill this past Wednesday for Superbowl XLII with the committee throwing this spectacular event. Krista Soroka, who started her own PR firm called Wonder Events, and Amanda Holt, who has been on the committe once before, were both speaking on behalf of the event.

They are both are very experienced in holding such a immense event and will make next year’s Superbowl a memorable one.  I’m talking about free concerts, more publicity, high involvement and much excitment. They are going to paint the town red….white, and blue. With those wonderful NFL colors.

What are we left with once the Superbowl comes into town and traffic demolishes our streets. Well, not only will we have a month long of activities, all the publicity,  and being nationally recognized. Raymond James will be adding a couple thousand more seats for this event as well. A bigger stadium!

Want to know more?  This one-day event will really be a whole month long escapage. Turns out the children’s Gasparilla parade is the week before Superbowl and the adult Gasparilla parade is the weekend after. So mark you calendars people, Tampa bay is in for one magical month!

More parties and events to attend as well. How about the Playboy party or the Maxim party? I want to go to that for sure!

You and your organizations can get involved too. I will post the link soon. So stay tuned for more.