Exclusive! Tracy McGrady is Launching a New Fitness Website

TMac has started a new business project. Recently, he has recruited a handful of Harvard students to create a new fitness website where college and high school athletes can have access to professional trainers.

Elite trainers such as Gary Sheffield’s trainer, Micheal Pittman’s trainer, and even Tracy’s very own trainer, Wayne Hall. There will be instructional videos lead by them.

This website will allow young athletes to improve their diets, and workout regimens and even get professional medical advice if injured.

Underprivileged athletes who can’t afford the proper medical attention can have access to how professional athletes treat their injuries.

There will also be software programs that can help them with calculate if they are getting enough protein in their diets and tell them how to achieve their desired weight and build. All they would have to do is enter their body information.

All of this information will be accessible of course for a small price, the amount is still in the works but it could be as low as $5.99 a month!

This project is still underway and is still in the creation stages. On June 25, 2008 Tracy flew those Harvard students into Texas to discuss the project further and to see if they can actually accomplish his venture. I have to say from my sources that it is looking pretty good and we just might see this site up soon.